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From small beginnings to America’s favorite brioche brand, our story is one of passion, determination and entrepreneurial spirit. Our journey started in 2012, attending trade shows to learn about the market for two years, before launching in 2014. Since then, we have grown exponentially, becoming a national brand and bringing a taste of Paris to homes across America.

Number 1 Brioche Brand In USA
Number One Brioche Burger Bun Brand In USA
71% Brioche Market Growth

Meet Our US Team

Staff Headshots - Sarah Boddy
Sarah Boddy Managing Director Executive
Staff Headshots - Megan Harrison
Megan Harrison VP of Marketing Leadership Team
Muriel Vanoli
Muriel Vanoli Quality & Compliance Director Leadership Team
Brett Rhodes
Brett Rhodes Supply Chain Director Leadership Team
Jake Huber
Jake Huber Customer Development Director Commercial Team
Maz Rabah
Maz Rabah Customer Development Manager Commercial Team
Rick Lebeda
Rick Lebeda Customer Development Manager Commercial Team
Lanser Boint
Lanser Boint Customer Development Manager Commercial Team
Leann Baines
Leann Baines Category & Insights Manager Commercial Team
Madison Pace
Madison Pace Sales & Marketing Manager Commercial Team
Kayleigh Swift
Kayleigh Swift US Brand Manager Marketing Team
Staff Headshots - Hannah Pittman
Hannah Crouch Head of Quality & Compliance Quality & Compliance